Hey there, I’m Kaptain Rock. I’m a guitar missionary from The Planet Rock.

I have a huge mission.  It's very huge to me, maybe not to you.
I really really need your help.
I'm from The Planet Rock, and my boss  Mr. X told me to come to the Earth to save kids and adults on The Earth by teaching everyone how to play the guitar.  Mr. X gave me a special instrument called 1 String Soulsaver Guitar.  I believe in this instrument will help everybody on the earth to play and learn the guitar so easily and quickly, which is more enjoyable for your life.  I would like to provide my knowledge of the guitar; the guitar makes you happy.

I will travel around the whole nations on the planet to teach the guitar and hopefully I will fly over by my private IFO (Incredible Flying Object)  to meet you in your town someday.  I need your support!

On my planet, my friends and neighbors just play music all day long with peace.  Here on this planet, I wonder why many people look happy but sad in side or hold weapons to threat and kill each other.  Someday, I feel that some big dark enemy will come to swallow the whole Earth, then what if everyone hear hold instruments and play one note all together, then that will be the moment when the entire people on this planet will defeat the big dark enemy: no war while the notes are ringing.  I'm sure the day will come someday soon!      



All u need is 1 string


for 1 night, 1 love, and 1 life.

Kaptain Rock

In order to increase the speed of promotion about how important the guitar is to your life, I found out that making Kaptain Rock manga, anime, and movie will be the ways.  I'm looking for collaborators on this planet to make art with Kaptain Rock, like Mr. Dan Byron, an English Manga writer. 

Mr. X: the mighty boss

on The Planet Rock